The Houston Journal of International Law is a scholarly law journal that is edited, managed, and published wholly by its student-members. The Journal publishes articles authored by professionals and students that discuss a broad range of topics in public and private international law. In a recent ranking of law journals based on citations, the Journal ranked in the top twenty-five percent of all law journals published worldwide. The Journal is a partially endowed publication in its forty-first year of publication. Journal subscribers include the United States Supreme Court and many federal circuit court libraries, as well as individuals, law firms, and corporations throughout six continents. An active Advisory Board of professionals, judges, and scholars provides immeasurable support to the Journal on all aspects of operation. Since its 1978 inception, the Journal has served the local, national, and international legal communities through its publication. In addition, the Journal functions as a forum for legal scholarship for its members. Each member writes either a casenote or comment of publishable quality and length, which is reviewed by senior Journal members and Advisory Board members. The writing component of Journal membership affords members the opportunity to hone their research, writing, and editorial skills. See James W. Skelton, Jr., The Journal at 30: An Insider’s View, 30 Hous. J. Int’l L. 617 (2008), for a concise account of the Journal’s first 30 years, written by a longtime supporter of and advisor to the Journal.