Advisory Board

Since 1984, editors of the Houston Journal of International Law have been guided by an Advisory Board composed of alumni, faculty, and practitioners. The Advisory Board serves the crucial role of promoting continuity between Editorial Boards, each of which is supplanted annually. The Advisory Board also provides perspective through counsel to the Journal’s editors on policy, management, and development. Being an Advisory Board Member is completely voluntary, and the Journal cannot thank its Advisory Board Members enough for their dedication and passion. Each year, the outgoing Executive Board of Editors also chooses an Executive Board Member to serve in a two-year position on the Advisory Board.

The 2021–2022 Advisory Board is as follows:

Courteney Daniel (Chairwoman)
Antroy Arreola
James W. Skelton, Jr.
Julian Cardenas Garcia
Judge Lynn Hughes
Zachary Kaufman
Elizabeth Trujillo
Bradford Hendrickson
James Pappenfus
Kristin Kludig
Megan Ali (2020-2022)
Haley Kurisky (2021-2021)

The Journal is indebted to the former and current Advisory Board members and especially the Chairmen who have helmed the Board throughout its years. The following individuals have steadfastly served as Chair of the Advisory Board:

Gus A. Schill, Jr. (1984–1985);
Walter Wright (1985–1987);
Fred Murray (1987–1989);
Judge Lynn Hughes (1989–1999);
James W. Skelton, Jr. (1999–2010);
Antroy Arreola (2010–2020);
Courteney Daniel (2020–present).