Executive Board

Executive Board 45

Editor in Chief – Nathanael Green // eic@hjil.org

The Editor in Chief (“EIC”) is responsible for all Journal operations. The EIC represents the Journal to the law school faculty, administration and alumni, as well as to the legal and professional world outside the university. The EIC is responsible for the final review of all manuscripts and is ultimately responsible for maintaining and building the high quality and reputation of the Journal.

Executive Editor – Michael Henn // ee@hjil.org

The Executive Editor (“EE”) directs and manages all publishing aspects of the Journal. The EE manages each issue throughout the publication cycle and does Final Edits on every published article. The EE’s duties include: working with Chief Articles Editor and Editor In Chief to select articles for publication, approving all article assignments, setting editorial deadlines, ensuring those deadlines are met and the issues remain on schedule, maintaining contact with authors (in conjunction with the Chief Articles Editor), and reporting the status of issues in progress.

Managing Editor – Christine Olivo // me@hjil.org

The Managing Editor (“ME”) directs the majority of the Journal’s non-editorial activities. This Editor is responsible for handling all of the Journal’s finances and subscriptions, as well as providing general oversight and budget constraints for all event planning. Some general duties of the ME include: annual budget preparation, authorization of expenditures, and maintaining the books.

Chief Articles Editor – Eleanor Gilbert // cae@hjil.org

The Chief Articles Editor (“CAE”) is responsible for substantive content published in the Journal. The CAE works with the Submissions Editor to evaluate article submissions emailed to the HJIL account. The CAE also solicits articles by reaching out to professors and practitioners via email, telephone, or in person at UHLC lunch meetings, lectures, and local events (CLEs, ABA events, etc.). The CAE also remains the author’s sole liaison throughout the publication process and is responsible for sending the author one-week author edits and 48-hour author edits.

Chief Casenotes and Comments Editor – Cassandra Georgantas // cce@hjil.org

The Chief Casenotes and Comments Editor (“CCE”) oversees all of the efforts of the Casenotes and Comments Department of the Journal. This Editor is primarily responsible for student works published in the Journal and is also responsible for the James Baker Hughes nationwide competition. The Chief Casenotes and Comments Editor also organizes Lexis, Westlaw, and research training for the candidates and assigns candidates to Casenotes and Comments Editors. Additionally, this Editor manages the Journal’s summer write-on competition.

Candidates Editor – Yumna Khan // ce@hjil.org

The Candidates Editor (“CE”) recruits the new candidate class, assists the candidates during the term of their candidacy and ensures that they fulfill the requirements of their candidacy. The CE familiarizes candidates with Journal operations, serves on the Review Committee, and runs elections for the Editorial Board. The bulk of the CE’s duties fall during the months of June and July. During this time, the CE must (1) determine those eligible for Journal membership, (2) distribute applications, (3) read applications, and (4) select candidates.

Alumni & Events Editor – Brian Kay // alumni@hjil.org

The Alumni & Events Editor (“AEE”) is responsible for contacting and interacting with the Journal’s alumni, maintaining a current directory of Journal alumni, attending and representing HJIL at UHLC events and events in the Houston Legal community, coordinating with other student organizations to co-sponsor events and work in coordination with the Editor in Chief to prepare and send out donation solicitation letters for the Skeleton Lecture, Banquet, and other HJIL events.